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Living expenses

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The monthly cost of living in Krakow can be estimated at between 1 350 and 1 750 PLN. The total expenditure, naturally, depends on the style of life and needs of a particular individual. The mentioned sum includes:
1) monthly accommodation: 400 - 800 PLN
2) food: 600 PLN
3) monthly ticket for the public transport: 47 PLN
4) other expenses (cinema, books, phone): 300 PLN

Below is a list of prices of some products in one of Krakow's most popular supermarkets:
Milk: (1 l) 2.50 PLN
Mineral Water: (1.5 l) 2 PLN
Tea: 2 - 9 PLN
Coffee: 5 - 20 PLN
Bread: 2 PLN
Poultry: (1 kg) 15 PLN
Pasta: (0.5 kg) 5 PLN
Ham; (0.5 kg) 17 PLN
Bar of chocolate: 5 PLN
Coca-cola: 2.70 PLN
Apples: (1 kg) 4 PLN
Orange Juice: (1 l) 5 PLN

Examples of some other expenses:
A meal in the University cafeteria ca.: 13 PLN
A meal in the restaurant in the city centre: 12 - 35 PLN
Coffee in the city centre: 4 - 12 PLN
Cinema ticket: 12 - 25 PLN
Theatre ticket: 25 - 50 PLN
Haircut: 20 - 100 PLN

Out of the many shopping centres scattered around the city it is worth mentioning two: Galeria Krakowska and Galeria Kazimierz. The former located in the proximity to the Main Railway Station and only around 400 metres from the Old Town is the biggest shopping centre in the city with some 270 stores. The latter is located at the southern tip of Kazimierz at ul. Podgórska 34, on the bank of the Vistula River. In addition to a variety of stores there is a cinema and fitness centre in there. In Krakow, there are also plenty of supermarkets of the international chains like: TESCO, REAL, Carrefour, Kaufland, Lidl or Plus.

Bank account
In order to open a bank account in Poland, a valid passport is necessary (some banks may require an additional document with a photograph, eg, a driver's license) and a document confirming student status. Money can be also directly withdrawn from the account that is opened in the student's home country through a cash machine. The banks are generally open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and from 10am until 1pm on Saturdays.


All major foreign currencies may be exchanged in any bank or Kantor. Kantors are generally open from 9am to 7pm during weekdays and from 10am until 2pm on  Saturdays.

Poland has an extensive network of ATMs, which are connected to all international networks. It is advised to consult your bank or card issuer about the charges incurred while using a particular card abroad.

Pastime, cultural events ...

As an important academic and cultural centre, Krakow has numerous institutions including: Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic Hall, branches of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Polska Akademia Nauk) and the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (Polska Akademia Umiejetności), as well as over 20 higher education institutions. It is an excellent place for art lovers and enthusiasts of cultural events because the city is home to many theatres, museums, libraries, galleries, etc. Over 100 (around 50 of international significance) festivals, hundreds of shows and concerts are organized every year. A few of them are listed below as an example.

International Shanty Festival (February)
People from all over Poland and Europe come to Krakow to sing about sea adventures and voyages. During four days of the festival almost eleven thousand people of different ages participate in concerts held at main concert halls and in the festival tavern.

Photomonth in Krakow (May)
It is one of the largest photography festivals in Poland, which is rapidly gaining significance in Europe. The exhibitions are set in galleries, cafés, adapted industrial spaces or private apartments. During the Festival there are also accompanying events like screenings of films and slide shows, workshops, lectures or meetings with artists.

Juwenalia (May)
Students' most favourite festival. According to an old-time tradition, students are symbolically handed the keys to the city. For a week, parties erupt across Krakow. Most of these are open to outsiders. During this festival there are many open-air concerts of Polish bands playing pop and rock music.

Krakow Film Festival (May-June)
The film festival concentrates on short films, documentaries and animated features.

Pierogi Festival (August)
This culinary event is inspired by the old cooking tradition and its main role is promoting the tastes of Polish cuisine.

Sacrum-Profanum Music Festival (September)

The central concept of the festival is the presentation of some of the greatest masterpieces in modern classical music from the 19th and 20th centuries.

New Year's Eve Party (December)
Throngs of people gather in the main market square to bid farewell to the old year. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of this special night in an extraordinary place. Numerous visitors travel to Krakow to spend the New Year's Eve at this open
air party.


There are many world-known museums in Krakow and they are easily accessed. These museums are a well of knowledge and are also inexpensive. Students can get tickets for around 2 Euros or even see them for free, because once a week most of the museums do not charge for entry. You may see these places on your own and if you want to have an expert guidance throughout the museums, for some extra money, you may arrange the visit with the assistance of a guide. Some of the most popular places to see are: Czartoryski Museum, Collegium Maius, Sukiennice Gallery, Rynek Underground, MOCAK, Schindler's Factory, Polish Aviation Museum, Barbican and city wall remnants, to name but a few.

The presented material is intended principally as a guide for foreigners attempting to enroll for studies in Krakow. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented herein. However, the matters covered on this webpage are subject to change. The institutions co-operating within the framework of Study in Krakow accept no responsibility for any errors or changes that may occur with time.


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