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I N S P I R A T I O N   F O R   L I F E

AspidistrA feat. Łukasz Drapała

lyrics: Jerzy Marcinkowski; music, guitar: Damian Kurasz; voice: Łukasz Drapała
bass: Andrzej Solarski; drums: Robert Sopala; backing vocals: Zbigniew Fil

I leave campus after lectures
Down the ancient streets I walk
Reach paths roamed by Copernicus
As I join the Old Town throng

Crowds admire redbrick towers
Looming over city squares
Sidewalk cafes and galleries
Share the vibe with pubs and fairs

I keep playing with the idea
What might happen next
For in Krakow I have found
Inspiration for life
Inspiration for life

I could be all that I can be
For the first time on my own
I sense the essence of history
And I truly feel at home

I don't want to stand in one place
As my future is not far
The world evolves invariably
I move forward, shape my life

On the squares where passion dwells
Artists flirt with magic spells
And in Krakow I have found
Inspiration for life
Inspiration for life



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