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Study in Krakow card for students

Special offers for the holders of Study in Krakow Card
Mumerus Theater

Special offer: 10 PLN for each performance

Website: www.mumerus.net

Address: ul. Kanonicza 1

Mumerus Theater, founded in 1999, gathers together professional artists: actors, directors, designers, musicians and writers that originate from Krakow.
Barakah Theater

Special offer: each performance for 20 PLN.

Website: www.teatrbarakah.com

Address: ul. Szeroka 6 (cellar of Klezmer Hois)

Krakow's Barakah Theater, under the auspices of the Ten Talents Foundation for the Barakah Theater, was founded in 2004 by two theater artists: Ana Nowicka and Monika Kufel.
Hothaus Theater

Special offer: 20% discount on classes, events and Hothaus Theater performances for Study Card holders.

Website: www.arsharter.pl

Address: ul. Babińskiego 29

Hothaus is a place, which gives you an opportunity to look for your passion and develop it.
Diva Music Gallery

Special offer: discount on selected beverages

Website: www.divaclub.pl

Address: ul. św. Tomasza 20

Special offer: 20% discount on all products for Study Card holders (without tobacco).

Website: www.baccaratclub.pl

Address: ul. Stolarska 13

Don't have an idea for a party? Check out what's going on in Baccarat! Ambience & unique. Climate & inspiring. Theatre design, meaningful set design and decoration. Baccarat Club includes all of this!


Special offer: discount on selected beverages and meals

Website: www.pozytywka.pl

Adress: ul. Bożego Ciała 12

In 2003 Pozytywka club has proposed new standards for Kazimierz district. Clean interiors, original design, free internet access, a unique coffee maker. All of this have distinguished Pozytywka club from its beginnings and have paved the way for other new clubs founded in this friendly district.


Special offer: discount on selected beverages

Website: www.atmosfera.krakow.pl

Address: pl. Szczepański 7

Atmosfera is a club where good prices meet great fun. When it comes to the music Atmosfera is based on well-known and popular standards of 70s, 80s and 90s. A lot of rock'n'roll, pop, but also reggae and R'n'B. The rule is simple: the party is successful when dance floor is full!

Cafe Pianola

Special offer: discount on selected beverages and meals

Website: www.cafepianola.pl/

Address: ul. Senacka 7

Cafe next to the Main Square that serves more than just coffee. You'd like to make a short break during quickly passing day or you need a moment of relax? Visit Cafe Pianola!

Sarmacja Pub

Special offer: discount on selected beverages

Website: www.sarmacja.krakow.pl

Address: ul. św. Tomasza 8
Chłopskie Jadło Restaurant

Special offer: 25% discount for all menu

Website: www.facebook.com/Chlopskie-Jadlo

Address: ul. Grodzka 9
Sphinx Restaurant

Special offer: 50% discount for all menu + coffee or tea for free

Website: www.facebook.com/Sphinx.Grodzka9

Address: ul. Grodzka 9
Bracka 4

Special offer: discount on selected beverages

Website: www.facebook.com/bracka4

Address: ul. Bracka 4
Disco Pub

Special offer: discount on selected beverages

Website: www.facebook.com/discopubkrakow

Address: ul. Bracka 4

Special offer: 25% discount on MOCAK publication and 5% discount on other books.

5 PLN for student ticket.

Website: www.mocak.pl

Address: ul. Lipowa 4

MOCAK, Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, was founded on the site of former Schindler's Factory, in the postindustrial Zablocie district. Museum has been open since May 2011. One of the most important aims of MOCAK is collecting and presenting the art of the two last decades. Moreover its program encompasses education, publication, conservation and research projects.
Galicia Jewish Museum

Special offer: 10% discount on ticket prices.

Website: www.en.galiciajewishmuseum.org/

Address: ul. Dajwór 18

The Galicia Jewish Museum has been established to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and to present the Jewish culture and history from a new perspective. The museum is located in the Kazimierz district, in the heart of former Jewish quarter.
Polish Aviation Museum

Special offer: Student ticket (guided tour is extra charged: 60 PLN) for visiting museum and additional screenings of American movies about aviation. The whole tour takes about 2 hours. The groups can have from 5 to 50 people.

Website: www.muzeumlotnictwa.pl

Address: al. Jana Pawła II 39

Polish Aviation Museum, located at the site of former airport Rakowice-Czyzyny, collects the artifacts related to the history of aviation. Number of currently exposed aircrafts exceeds 200. Museum has many own publications and organizes educational events.
Agrafka Cinema

Special offer: Tickets for 10 PLN for Study Card holders (it gives 2 PLN discount during the week, 3 PLN discount at the weekends).

Website: www.kinoagrafka.pl/

Address: ul. Krowoderska 8

Agrafka is cool and modern cinema located on the first floor of the building at the Krowoderska Street 8 in Krakow. This place has a decades-long cinema tradition.
Kika Cinema

Special offer: Tickets for 10/12 PLN for Study Card holders and white or black coffee for free.

Website: www.kinokika.pl

Address: ul. Ignacego Krasickiego 18

Kika is remarkable, new place on the cultural map of Krakow. Cinema and a nice cozy cafe with great coffee, delicious cakes and Czech beer.
Prolog - Language courses

Prolog - Language courses

10% off:
- Polish Language courses
- all books by PROLOG Publishing
- all language courses in PROLOG

Website: www.polishcourses.com

Address: ul. Bronowicka 37

Choosing courses in PROLOG you choose classes in a modern language centre with 20 years of experience, the best teachers, superb learning materials and support. PROLOG yourself!


Special offer: 20% discount

Website: www.dentestetica.pl

Address: ul.Kamienna 21

DENTestetica Dental Clinic was established in 2003 in Cracow, Poland. The clinical staff has long-term experience with dental medical tourism and provide excellence in dentistry for patients who demand and expect the best.

Special offer: 10% discount

Website: www.beetlebits.pl

Address: ul. Floriańska 24
Kazimierz Hostel

Special offer: 20% discount

Website: www.kazimierzhostel.pl

Address: ul. Mostowa 4

Special offer: 20 PLN discount on each computer service

Website: www.komputerion.pl

Address: biuro@komputerion.pl

Komputerion provides complete IT solutions as well as computer repairs in Cracow. Our goal is to response to customers needs quickly providing professional and the highest quality IT services. We treat everyone with the same dedication and patience.

Grodzka 9 Spa & Massage

Special offer: discount on selected services, each weekday different offer.

Website: www.grodzka9.com

Address: ul. Grodzka 9

Grodzka 9 Spa & Massage is a unique place in the heart of Cracow, where you can rest from the everyday stress and the hustle and bustle of the city in the cozy ambience with the nice music and candlelight.

Varia Polish Language Center - courses of Polish for foreigners

Varia Polish Language Center - courses of Polish for foreigners

Special offer: 10% discount on all our courses of Polish language

Website: www.varia-course.com

Address: ul. Michalowskiego 2/3

Varia Polish Language Center - the place where you can learn Polish, explore Polish culture and make new friends from all over the world.

Bar Raj

Bar Raj

Special offer: 10% discount for all dinner

Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Bar-Raj

Address: ul. Rajska 8


Special offer: discount on selected services, each weekday different offer.

Website: www.dermed.pl

Address: ul. Krzywa 8/1

DER-MED Centre – the leader in cosmetic and medical industry cares about the highest quality of services, safty and customer service standards. As a confirmation of our experience, there are numerous awards and titles that we have won over the last 14 years of our activity.
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