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Cracow University of Economics

Cracow University of Economics

Rakowicka 27
31 - 510 Krakow

Website: http://www.uek.krakow.pl/
Email: admissions@uek.krakow.pl

Cracow University of Economics (CUE) was founded in 1925. It has four faculties: the Faculty of Economics and International Relations, the Faculty of Finance, the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Commodity Science. Today Cracow University of Economics has over 20.000 students. It offers programs in business, commodity science, economics, finance and banking, information technology, international relations, spatial economy. CUE also offers courses and full degree programs in business and finance in the English language. It has cooperative agreements with over 200 universities from all around the world. CUE has the Main Library (the second biggest economics library in Poland), Computing Facilities and Sports Facilities.

More information about our programmes in English:

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Art&Food Bazar (06/12/2014)
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The Messiah" Haendel - Capella Cracovienis in ICE Krakow
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7th International Theatre Festival Divine Comedy
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