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Art and Design

Art and Design

The educational offer of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow consists of degree - (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral) and non degree (Postgraduate Studies, student and postgraduate artistic internships as well as Open Studies) courses in the areas of art, design and conservation (a detailed description of the admission requirements has been published in our Admission's Guide). Founded in 1818, our institution is the oldest artistic university in Poland and plays a major role in Polish and international artistic life. It develops its structure and curricula continually offering new learning opportunities to overseas students.

Our educational philosophy is based on our long experience and it adapts to the needs of the student in the modern world. The methods of teaching are student-oriented and include artistic/design tasks which require developing comprehensive skills of the student in terms of intellectual, emotional and practical abilities. Artistic experience is transferred through long-term practice in Master studios which ensures good rapport between Professors and their disciples, at the same time allowing students to enrich their artistic awareness and acquire the necessary skills for their independent and responsible artistic/design activity.

This educational approach ensures high quality learning outcomes and allows the student to arrange his/her individual programme of study. In fact, the flexibility of curricula has become a significant feature of our philosophy of education which enables the student to focus on his/her individual artistic development and to obtain general competences as a prospective artist/designer.

Apart from high quality teaching standards, reasonable prices and diplomas recognized across the EU as well as all over the world (we use the European Credit Transfer System) contribute to a still growing number of international students who are interested in studying at our Academy. All our teaching staff serve the needs of the students who are considered to be the most important element of the process of education.

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