There is now a new place for a person to spend their tax return, and it is a shame it even has to exist. Short term loan consolidation at tax time is a new trend, and a not so popular one at that. What used to go for that new TV or trip to the […]

The state of Maryland payday loan laws are simple and to the point. Maryland is one of three states, Georgia and Massachusetts are the other two that have made payday loans illegal. Here is where as usual it gets a bit gray. Payday loan companies are still operating in Maryland, but they are left alone. […]

The Massachusetts laws for payday loans make the payday loan companies follow the state’s small loan or criminal usury laws. These laws drop the ability for the lenders to collect the high interest rates and fees most payday loan companies use when granting loans. If you are being charged high interest rates and fees, chances […]

Here is comes, banking at Wal-Mart! Sounds kind of funny, but it is anything but. Many big-box stores are adding financial services to their inventory, and of course there are many grey areas that come about because of this. These big box companies are offering anything from home improvement loans to new boat loans. They […]

If you have found yourself in trouble with too much payday loan debt, be it a defaulted loan or multiple defaulted loans, you need to get information on how to consolidate payday loans into one payment. There are many different companies out there that offer the services of assuming your loans and working with the […]

While this statement may please many who have been bitten or had a loved one bitten by the payday loan companies, Philadelphia did not ban these loans, the payday loan companies did. They have decided because of the limits on interest rates put on these kinds of loans by the state of Philadelphia they are […]

Not a day goes by that I do not get asked why our government allows what I call high interest consumer loan games. I always respond that the results of how these payday loan companies conduct business is a direct result of how our system of government is set up. With allowing special interest money […]